Bogumiła Baumgartner

I was born in Gdańsk, Poland. I am a German language specialist and a pedagogue. I have been living in Germany for the last 15 years and together with my husband, who comes from Bavaria, we have been bringing up our daughters bilingually and biculturally.

As a mother I want my children to speak my mother tongue so that when we visit Poland, they can speak fluent Polish to our relatives and friends there.

During my first years in Germany I experienced a lot of strong emotions related to the adaptation to a new environment. I am still getting to know the way of life here in this less and less 'foreign' country; yet I still miss my family and the country I left, although the intensity of these feelings is changing.

I am interested in the process of acquiring and learning two languages simultaneously by children brought up in culturally mixed families. I also investigate the process of acquisition and learning of the second language after mastering the mother tongue (the primary language).



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